Chameleon Lady


Who is Chameleon Lady

Chameleon Lady is the latest big noise from Edinburgh with their own exciting brand of folk, rock and pop. 5 part harmonies, multi-instrumentalists and stylish stagecraft are just some of the attributes that this band have developed through live gig experience all over Edinburgh and beyond. 

Tom, Cameron and Robbie first started making music together in 2016 while they were still at school and procured small busking shows at the fringe festival, leading to private events and pub gigs which began flooding in. They went on to gain Michael on bass, Kenny playing keys and Caitlin on fiddle to complete the ensemble.


Their style could be described as a harmonious union between skilful Lennon and McCartney inspired song writing and the folky energy of Mumford and Sons. Chameleon Lady's sound has evolved to feature the band's Scottish roots with a hint of trad which likens them to Skerryvore, Skippinish and Tide Lines.

Family Ties

To say this is a family band is no exaggeration - brothers and sisters playing alongside each other on stage. The tightness of this band on and off stage makes for a high energy and thrilling experience when watching them play live.


Following the release of their new single 'Home' and consecutive French tours in 2018 and 2019 where they headlined Le Festival Glandon, they enjoy regular airplay on French radio. Their most recent success was a headline fringe festival event at The Mash House in Edinburgh where they played a sold-out show and had the crowd dancing non-stop and crying out for more.


The members of Chameleon Lady are young, charismatic, and want to share their music and passion for performing live with as many people as possible. They are dedicated and committed to writing, recording and performing to an excitingly high standard that gets people up dancing and singing along.

Meet the Band

Cameron Middlemass


Cameron has always been a confident performer and brings his special brand of showmanship to the group as frontman. He knows how to get the crowds going and with his impressive vocal range he keeps people on their feet and entertained until the end of the night.

Robbie Hutchison


Robbie has been making music all his life. He was classically trained in piano and taught himself guitar and drums from an early age. Songwriting comes naturally to Robbie and he recorded and mixed all of the songs Chameleon Lady released on their debut EP which is testament to his talents.

Tom Middlemass


Tom began as a young drummer eager to please his music teacher. He now boasts an impressive range of talents from singing to electrifying guitar-playing. As one of the founding members of Chameleon Lady he writes and sings, bringing his soulful sounds to the group.

Michael Fitzpatrick


Michael started out his musical career playing piano and keyboards in and around the Edinburgh music scene. Endeavouring to greater his musical accomplishments he turned his hand to the bass guitar and has since become a key member of Chameleon Lady, contributing to their iconic Scottish pop folk sound since 2016.

Kenny Hutchison


Kenny is a seasoned musician and joined the band in 2018 as keyboard man. He is also a music teacher, musical director, producer and arranger, having worked on a diverse range of projects - including touring with Albert Hammond, playing keyboards with the 70s band Pilot and working with Paul McCartney twice.

Caitlin Hutchison


With a background in classicl violin and piano, Caitlin brings a Celtic flair to the band with her tuneful fiddling, as well as providing luscious backing vocals to complement the boys' voices.